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Timex Mid-Size Health Tracker Watch

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Product Description

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Manufacturer Description

Begin towards a more healthy you right now. Take the guesswork out of diet plan and exercise. Produce customized physical fitness and diet plan goals and observe your progress to stay inspired. The stroll sensor detects movement via the natural swinging-motion of your arm. For best outcomes, enable the watch-donning arm to swing freely during walks or runs.Characteristics:- Instantly data distance, methods and energy burned all day- Diet regime diary will preserve observe of models or energy consumed every day- Daily exercise tracker with 7-days memory to evaluation progress- Customizable goals chime in halfway and at completion of aim- Exercise mode will display elapsed time, distance and exercise pace intensity in genuine time (slow/mod/fast)- One-time easy setup with personalized environment for precision- Stride established up with handbook and automatic calibration options for enhanced distance precision- 24-hour countdown timer with countdown/cease (CS) and countdown/repeat (CR) that can be utilised for hydration, cooking or time out for little ones- 3 alarms settable for every day/weekday/weekend/weekly with 5 minute back again up- two time zone settings make travel easy- Developed-in environment reminders to quickly and effortlessly established your watch- H2o resistance to 50m- Simple to check out in lower mild conditions with INDIGLO night time-mild- Turn on INDIGLO night time-mild with any button with Night time-Mode function

It is cozy, casual, and created for daily use, but the integrated Walk Sensor and Diet regime Diary make the Well being Tracker significantly far more than a watch. Merely enter peak, excess weight, age, and gender, and the watch immediately tracks your every day exercise including methods, distance, and energy burned by sensing the natural swinging motion of your arm. The watch can support encourage you to stay active by exhibiting cumulative every day exercise on the front of the watch, and sounding an notify when you might be 50 %-way to your every day aim. Furthermore the unique Diet regime Diary function enables you to discreetly and conveniently preserve observe of what you eat throughout the day. Throughout a work out session, you can monitor time, distance, and pace intensity stage and it really is effortlessly configured between miles and kilometers, methods, and energy. It might seem like a watch, but it functions far more like a personalized mentor, helping you to consider the guesswork out of diet plan and exercise.


  • Exercise gives elapsed time, distance, and pace energy
  • Walk Sensor tracks natural swinging motion of your arm
  • One-time easy established up and personalized configuration
  • Audible alerts chime halfway to aim and at aim completion
  • Seven-day physical fitness diary and customizable goals make it easy to evaluation progress
  • two time zone settings makes travel easy
  • Diet regime Diary keeps tracks of energy or models consumed
  • Countdown timer with countdown cease and countdown repeat
  • 3 every day, weekday, and weekend alarms with 5-minute backup
  • H2o resistant to fifty meters

Product Features

Activity mode provides steps, distance, and calories burned; Diet Diary enables input of units or calories consumed Workout mode provides elapsed time, distance, and pace effort Countdown timer with countdown stop (CS) and countdown repeat (CR) 3 daily, weekday, and weekend alarms with 5-minute backup Water resistant to 50 meters

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