Zap Belly Fat


In order to keep your mind focused on your weight loss goals, buy a pedometer. This little device will show you how many steps you are taking during your day. Whether at work or during a exercise routine, good pedometers can track steps, time, distance, calories burned as well as fat grams burned.

Challenge yourself to increase that number, even if it is only by a few steps a day. This will help you feel excited about your progress.

In addition, make sure you keep a workout journal. Write down the number of steps you take during each walk so that you can see your progress. Some of the best digital pedometers will store up to seven days of information in memory; reset to zero at midnight, so you're ready to go with a fresh start every morning.

Finally, see if a friend, family member or neighbor would like to walk with you. If the two of you live far away from one another, choose a centrally located spot to walk/exercise, like the mall or a trail. If you have someone who is depending on you to show up, you are much less likely to skip workouts.