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The Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business

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In an unparalleled collaboration, two foremost worldwide thinkers in technological innovation and overseas affairs give us their broadly predicted, transformational vision of the potential: a world exactly where everyone is connected—a world complete of challenges and benefits that are ours to fulfill and to harness.

Eric Schmidt is one particular of Silicon Valley’s great leaders, getting taken Google from a little startup to one particular of the world’s most influential organizations. Jared Cohen is the director of Google Concepts and a previous adviser to secretaries of condition Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. With their combined understanding and ordeals, the authors are uniquely positioned to just take on some of the hardest concerns about our potential: Who will be much more strong in the potential, the citizen or the condition? Will technological innovation make terrorism simpler or more difficult to have out? What is the partnership amongst privacy and security, and how much will we have to give up to be component of the new digital age?

In this groundbreaking guide, Schmidt and Cohen blend observation and insight to outline the assure and peril awaiting us in the coming a long time. At after pragmatic and inspirational, this is a forward-considering account of exactly where our world is headed and what this signifies for individuals, states and firms.

With the self-confidence and clarity of visionaries, Schmidt and Cohen illustrate just how much we have to look forward to—and beware of—as the best info and technological innovation revolution in human background continues to evolve. On individual, local community and condition stages, throughout every geographical and socioeconomic spectrum, they expose the extraordinary developments—good and bad—that will rework the two our every day lives and our comprehension of self and culture, as technological innovation advances and our virtual identities grow to be much more and much more fundamentally actual.

As Schmidt and Cohen’s nuanced vision of the around potential unfolds, an city professional requires his driverless automobile to function, attends conferences by means of hologram and dispenses housekeeping robots by voice a Congolese fisherwoman uses her intelligent cellphone to keep track of market place demand and coordinate sales (saving on expensive refrigeration and avoiding overfishing) the likely occurs for “virtual statehood” and “Internet asylum” to liberate political dissidents and oppressed minorities, but also for tech-savvy autocracies (and probably democracies) to exploit their citizens’ cellular devices for ever much more ubiquitous surveillance. Along the way, we fulfill a cadre of international figures—including Julian Assange—who describe their personal visions of our technological innovation-saturated potential.

Inspiring, provocative and absorbing, The New Electronic Age is a brilliant investigation of how our hyper-related world will soon look, from two of our most prescient and knowledgeable general public thinkers.

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